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Last Update: East Africa 07-11-2022


Alcatel 3L 64GB + 4GB RAM @7,850 (Top selling)

Samsung East Africa

A03 core 32GB+2GB RAM@11,750
A03 32GB+3GB RAM@12,800
A03S 32GB+3GB RAM @14,300
A04 64GB+4GB  RAM @15,500
A04S 64GB+4GB RAM@16,900
A04S 128GB+4GB RAM@19200
A13 64 GB+4GB RAM@19,200
A13 128GB+4GB RAM@21,700
A23 128GB+4GB RAM@26200
A32 128GB+6GB RAM@29200
A33 5G 128GB+6GB RAM@34500
A53 5G 128GB+8GB RAM@43500
A73 5G 256GB+8GB RAM@59,500
S22 plus 5G 256GB+8GB RAM@116,700
S22 ultra 5G 256GB+12GB RAM@143,500
Flip 4 5G 256GB+8GB RAM@113,500
Fold 4 5G 512GB +12GB RAM@201,000
Buds 2 pro@20,500
Watch 5 44@30,500
Watch pro 45mm@44500
Adapter 25W@2300

Redmi East Africa

A1+ 32GB+2GB RAM@11,200
10A 32GB+2GB RAM@13,550
10A 64GB+3GB RAM@14,950
10A 128GB+4GB RAM@17,200
10C 64GB+4GB RAM@16,900
10C 128GB+4GB RAM@19,150
10 128GB+4GB RAM@22500
Note 11 128GB + 6GB RAM@24800
Note 11S 128GB+8GB RAM@29500
Note 11 pro 128GB+8GB RAM@33,750

Nokia east Africa

G21 128+4@ ksh18,995
X10 5G 128+6@20,600
X20 5G 128+8@26,400


A16K 32GB+3GB RAM@15,000
A17 64GB+4GB RAM@18,600
A77 128GB+4GB RAM@25,800
A76 128GB+6GB RAM@27000
A77S 128GB+8GB RAM@29,500
A96 128GB +8GB RAM@35,000
Reno 8 4G 256GB+8GB RAM@40,500
Reno 8 5G 256GB+8GB RAM@53,800


X670 note 12 8GB RAM+128GB @27,500
X6511G smart6 plus 32GB+2GB RAM@13,500

Hot 12i 64GB +2GB RAM @12,950

Hot 12i 64GB + 3GB RAM @14,700

Note 12i 128gb +4GB RAM @19,900



C11 32GB+2GB RAM@11,800
9i 128GB+4GB RAM@22600

Huawei East Africa

Y90 128GB+8GB RAM@33500
Tab T10S 64GB+4GB RAM@27800




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